Joanne Marie Wolfe

An American Artist working in Vienna, Austria, Ms Wolfe has created wall paintings and interior color concepts  for over twenty years. Her designs embellish rooms in public buildings and private residences on two continents. Being of Italian and German extraction and raised in the United States she's always had an interest in, or should we say longing for, the “Old World”. Her historical knowledge and finesse in classic painting techniques are revealed in her great dedication to decorative painting. 


She feels at home in castles or manor houses and other exquisite residences. Not only has she done renovations in many locations – some historic and world famous – but also supplies them with fitting embellishments, murals, faux finishes. Her passion however are trompe l’œil representations of objects, architectural oddities like doors leading nowhere or windows opening onto phantastic illusionistic landscapes.


The eye wants to be deceived and is delighted on finding out about the reality behind the illusion...

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Joanne Marie Wolfe

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